Web design is basically a web development process. It is used for creating websites that majorly focuses on factors like layout, visual imagery and user interface in order to make the websites more appealing. This makes use of various tools and programs in order to achieve the intended look, like Photoshop, Dreamweaver  and many others. To create the best design, web designers must think about the audience, visual appeal of the design and the purpose behind the website. However, the web design courses fees are pretty affordable as well.

Don’t fear the internet

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This is another learning system which is mainly aimed at people from the artistic industry like photographers and designers. If you own a website that features some top quality work and yet has a poor website design, then this course is perfect for you. There are only seven videos that would teach you all the web programming skills that you would need to improve your website. Their web design courses fees are pocket friendly.

Code school

Code school’s motto is ‘learn by doing’, which is hands down the best way to learn. This is mainly for beginners who barely have any knowledge about web design. It is for people who would want to write their own contents without depending on the ‘content management system’. This is the main reason why they set up themes and games in order to help you learn without putting in too much efforts. Unfortunately, there are about eight introductory courses and they are extremely helpful for beginners who have no experience.


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Dash is again a course for beginners which consists of interactive story based tutorials that helps the viewer to learn about web design. It teaches some basic concepts of web design, for example-  CSS, JavaScript and HTML. This will not suit people who are looking for an eCommerce website. It will suit those who would want their new website to stand out (without having to pay any professional an extra amount). Its a course that would brief you about the basics of programming and design. It will give you enough knowledge to make a good looking website.


Another course that one can learn is the ‘Learn Layout’. This is a website for people that already know about web design and want to become more advanced. It is primarily built around teaching CSS, though HTML also comes into it, which is why it may not be suitable for absolute beginners. They assume you know a little bit about each and so do not go into details that beginners may need. You gain access to different slides full of information that you can take in at your own pace. Their web design courses fees might be a little expensive.