There are some great deals to be had on Black Friday, but seasoned tech shoppers tend to look ahead to see what Cyber Monday has in store. If the past is any indication there should be plenty to look forward to, as is readily apparent from the 10 Cyber Monday deals described below.

It’s a shorter holiday season this year because Black Friday comes so close to the end of November. So close in fact that come Cyber Monday we’re already in December.

One thing to note with respect to the web design tools and apps and project management software solutions listed below: most offer free plans or free trials. The discounts, on the other hand, apply to products or plans that must be paid for.

That said, let’s start shopping.

Brizy Cloud Website Builder

1-700x291 The 10 Cyber Monday Deals That Designers Should Consider Buying

The Brizy Cloud Website Builder offers a free plan and a pair of paid plans. The Cyber Monday discount applies to whichever of the paid plans you might select, as you would expect. The Brizy website builder is designed to help users create multiple-page websites quickly and without a lot of fuss and bother. The package contains large selections of customizable layouts (150+) and design blocks (700) to get you started and quickly on your way.

You can accomplish a great deal with their Free Forever Plan, and we suggest you sign up and give it a try well before the Cyber Monday has come and gone to take advantage of the discount. While you don’t have to sign up, you should open an account if you want to save whatever you created with the free plan.

The two very affordable paid plans (Personal and Studio) offer much more than the free plan of course and can be yours for 40% off the regular price when you order December 2nd or 3rd. The discount code to use in the shopping cart is CM40OFF.

Smart Slider 3 Pro

2-700x291 The 10 Cyber Monday Deals That Designers Should Consider Buying

Smart Slider 3 provides exactly the tools and features you need to create unique and exceptionally engaging sliders so you won’t be bothered with extraneous features, bells, or whistles you have no use for. Creating a slider is as it should be, quick and easy and you have two modes to work with; content and canvas.

The package includes a library of more than 180 single-click loadable slider samples, a huge variety of layers, a layer animation builder, plenty of special effects, and sample dynamic slide content.

Smart Slider has a free plan plus 3 paid plans (Single Domain, Business, and Unlimited). They also have a try before you buy feature on a hosted demo so you can play with the various features. Or, you could sign up for the free plan.

The Cyber Monday deal is a 40% discount on any of the paid plans, the code is SAVE4019, and the sale ends December 3rd.


3-1-700x291 The 10 Cyber Monday Deals That Designers Should Consider Buying

As anyone who works with a variety of software management tools can tell you, it can be difficult keeping everything in sync and all team members on the same page all of the time. A single project management platform is far better if you can find one that can suitably manage a variety of tasks and processes. Paymo is such a tool.

Paymo helps project managers, teams, and team members plan their work, track the time they spend on their various tasks, and bill their clients correctly and fairly. Operating from a single platform, Paymo keeps everything in sync, generates reports, automatically tracks time, provides real-time status, schedules resources, and more.

Useful project management features include Kanban Boards, Gantt charts, expense tracking, and of course invoicing; plus, Paymo integrates easily with Xero, QuickBooks, Photoshop, and other popular applications.

The Cyber Monday discount is 30% when you subscribe. Use Code GVX233.


4-700x291 The 10 Cyber Monday Deals That Designers Should Consider Buying

Kalium is a popular, widely-regarded creative multipurpose WordPress theme that, although created with experienced users in mind, is an excellent choice for beginners as well. All the most widely used WordPress plugins are supported; several which are included in the package. Kalium is responsive, GDPR compliant, fully eCommerce supportive, a great choice for building portfolio websites, and used by more than 30,000 clients.

For the first time, Kalium is offered at half its usual price; the Cyber Monday deal being for $30.

Beaver Builder

5-700x291 The 10 Cyber Monday Deals That Designers Should Consider Buying

The Beaver Builder plugin enables you to separate your page builder from whatever theme you happen to be using, no matter what theme it is. This not only gives you complete control of your content and the layout of your pages, but you can switch themes in mid-project without losing any content. Dozens of page contents are included in the package to save you time and effort. To celebrate Cyber Monday Beaver Builder offers a 25% discount.

TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

6-700x291 The 10 Cyber Monday Deals That Designers Should Consider Buying

TheGem is an absolute bargain at full price. On Cyber Monday, it will be on sale at 50% off. What you get is a WordPress theme that many look upon as the ultimate web design toolbox. The package includes 400+ templates of freshly created trendy designs for any website purpose or niche, the WPBakery page editor, and 90+ pre-built complete websites.

This ThemeForest best-seller is a great investment, and 40,000 satisfied customers will back that up.


7-700x291 The 10 Cyber Monday Deals That Designers Should Consider Buying

MyThemeShop would be a great investment for the designer who wants to be able to select from a large variety of premium themes, plugins, domain licenses, and memberships in conversion tracking and user behavior tools, social media platform tool usage, and more.

MyThemeShop’s annual fee is discounted to $99.47 for Cyber Monday. This special deal is valid from December 1st to December 7th.

Simple Author Box

8-700x291 The 10 Cyber Monday Deals That Designers Should Consider Buying

With the Simple Author Box plugin, you have the ability to add guest authors to your posts, link to those authors’ social networks, and choose the posts and post types where you want your author box to appear.

A free version is available, but we recommend signing up for a subscription plan for a greater value. On Cyber Monday, December 2nd until December 4th, Simple Author Box offers a 30% discount on its lifetime licenses.

Mobirise Website Builder

9-700x291 The 10 Cyber Monday Deals That Designers Should Consider Buying

Mobirise is an easy-to-use offline website building app that’s loaded with sliders, galleries, icons, 200+ website templates, eCommerce features, and more. Better yet, Mobirise is free to download and free to use for either commercial or personal uses. Mobirise is drag and drop and coding-free.

A companion tool, the Mobirise Website Builder Kit, retails for $2,654. For Cyber Monday, this kit is being offered for $149, a whopping 94% discount.


10-700x291 The 10 Cyber Monday Deals That Designers Should Consider Buying

While you’re busy writing content, WordLift — the AI-powered SEO tool, adds semantic markups to your work. The reason behind this is to feed to search engine crawlers the information needed to help you reach a larger audience. WordLift uses natural language processing, analyzes your pages, and transforms your text into machine-friendly content.

WordLift is a great investment since it produces greatly superior SEO results as compared to what you could do manually on your own. The Cyber Monday deal: a 50% discount on your first subscription.


This year, Cyber Monday comes a bit later than usual, falling on December 2nd. Cyber Monday deals are typically among the biggest online deals of the year, short of a fire sale, on tech-related items.

Some Cyber Monday deals are available in physical stores as well. But, online shopping is almost always more convenient. All you have to do to confirm your order is press “Done” and perhaps “Download”.  Cyber Monday discounts are typically as large, and often larger than Black Friday deals.

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